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 Falsehood Sometimes Stated For A Laugh...

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PostSubject: Falsehood Sometimes Stated For A Laugh...   Sun Nov 12, 2006 12:56 am

Falsehood Sometimes Stated For A Laugh...

“Allah’s Messenger did not hate anything as strongly as he hated falsehood. If he received information that a particular man has told a lie, he used to throw away that man’s respect and honor from his heart till the time he was not informed that he has repented for it.”

This is our daily observation that people give full rein to their tongues in the matter of humorous talks to make others laugh, and do not hesitate to spread the tales and stories invented by friends or foes only for the purpose of getting some pleasure or for pulling someone’s leg. In fact it is due to this kind of entertainment and amusements and false acts that has created enmities and rivalries among us.

We should avoid exaggeration in praise. Some people when they praise somebody go to the extent of exaggerating and making false statements. For a Muslim it is necessary that when he praises somebody he should do it to the extent to which he knows about that man. He should avoid exaggeration and falsehood in showering the praises of the praised one, although he may be deserving of praises, for exaggeration is a kind of falsehood, which has been forbidden.
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Falsehood Sometimes Stated For A Laugh...
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