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 Peaceful Sleep...

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PostSubject: Peaceful Sleep...   Thu Nov 16, 2006 7:52 pm

Peaceful Sleep...

OUR NABI MUHAMMAD ((Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) HAS TAUGHT US

It is related in the Hadith:

When deciding to sleep ensure that you have Wudhu. Do not sleep with feet towards the Qiblah. Beds must preferably be placed with the head board towards the east (in South Africa) this will enable one to sleep on the right side facing the Qiblah.

Dust and clean the bed three times before getting on. Put Surmah (antimony) three times in each eye before sleeping.

Sleep on the right side, with right palm under right cheek.

Recite this Duaa:

Trans.: O Allah in Your name do I die and live.
Trans.: O Allah save me from Your punishment on the day You will raise Your servants.

Read thirty three times:

Trans.: Glory be to Allah.

Thirty three times:

Trans.: All praise is for Allah.

Thirty four times:

Trans.: Allah is the Greatest.

Before going to sleep recite Surahs AL IKHLAAS (Qul Huwallah), AL FALAQ (Qul A'oozu Birabbil Falaq), and AN NAAS (Qul A'oozu Birabbin Naas) and blow into the hands, thereafter wipe the entire body three times beginning with the face and front of the body.

Whoever recites AAYATUL KURSI (Allahu La'ila illa Huwal Hayyul Qayyum) before sleeping, Allah will guard his home, the houses of his neighbours and the Shaytaan will not come near him during that night.

Read the three last Aayats of Surah AL BAQARAH before retiring.

When awakening recite this Duaa:

Trans.: All praise be to Allah, who revived us to life after giving us death and to Him we shall have to return.
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Peaceful Sleep...
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