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 Witness Warnings

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PostSubject: Witness Warnings   Thu Nov 16, 2006 8:09 pm


We find that there are various ways and means of informing the Ummah of the doom that awaits them for the committing of various sins. However Allah Ta'ala through his grace and Mercy actually showed our beloved Nabi (SAW) certain people of his Ummat being meted out with specific punishments which were related to their specific sins. The great wisdom behind this is the psychological effect it would have upon our hearts when we bear that our Nabi (SAW) actually saw his Ummat being punished like this and he is now relating it to us. This will serve as a greater reminder for us and would encourage us even more to ourselves abstain totally from these things and also encourage our near and dear ones to do likewise. However the fact of the matter is that those of us who have true Imaan on Nabi (SAW) would immediately be jolted and sincerely repent should any of these crimes pertain to us.

We have decided to present a synopsis of various narrations in which these things were shown to Nabi (SAW) regardless of whether they pertain to his physical Mer'aj (mentioned in the Quran) or to other occasions, when he was shown these things in dreams.

We have extracted extensively from the narration of Samura ibn Jundub (RA) mentioned in Bukhaari Sharief.

N.B. A crux of the various Ahaadith rather than the literal translation is mentioned.

Nabi (SAW) witnessed some people whose heads were being smashed with huge boulders. Such was force with which the boulders were buried that they would roll on for some distance. The boulders would again be brought while the head of these people would be restored to their original shape. The head would again be smashed. This process continued constantly. Upon enquiring, it was revealed that these people would not perform their five daily salaat.

Nabi (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) was shown a person whose face was being cut open by means of a sharp hook. His mouth nose and eyes would be ripped open till his head. The face would resume its shape and would again be ripped open likewise. Upon enquiring, he was informed that these were the people that spread lies and falsehood that would reach the horizons.

Nabi (SAW) witnessed men and women hanging by their breasts (with iron books). He was told that these were the people who had the habit of backbiting and cursing.

We should never lose hope in the mercy of Allah Ta'ala who is ever ready to forgive. However the basic prerequisite of sincere Tauba is abstention from our crime with a sincere intention never to return. Thereafter we must beg Allah for his forgiveness.

May Allah Ta'ala grant us all the Taufeeq.
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Witness Warnings
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