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 Good Manners in Islam

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PostSubject: Good Manners in Islam   Thu Nov 16, 2006 9:26 pm

1- Good manners and good character.
2- Repel evil with Good.
3- Further good manners teachings in the Noble Quran.
4- No vain talking or foul language.
Hypocrites are those who speak foul language.
5- Allah Almighty orders Muslims to deal kindly and justly with non-Muslims.
6- Yawning in Islam.
7- Greetings in Islam.
8- Respect and honor your guests.
9- Respecting others' properties.
10- Do not be a stuck-up!
11- No offensive name calling is allowed! And do not look down on others!
12- If you are loved by people, then Allah Almighty loves you.
13- What does Islam say about bad breath and body smell?
14- Muslims must never brag about their sins. Allah Almighty will never forgive the sins that are advertised.
15- Is arguing in public allowed in Islam?
16- How to be a "Strong Muslim" in Islam.
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Good Manners in Islam
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