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 The Perpetual Universal Shari'ah

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PostSubject: The Perpetual Universal Shari'ah   Fri Nov 17, 2006 5:03 pm

The Perpetual Universal Shari'ah

The foregoing is just a synopsis of the laws, and regulations of the chaste Shari'ah with which our Prophet, Muhammad, peace be upon him, was sent to mankind at large.Only the correct creed, and deed are the criteria for distinguishing one man over another in Islam. In fact, man-made laws, and religions that distinguish between one man and another on the basis of lineage, country of origin, color, and wealth are not fit to be universal religions, because, in such religions, it is impossible for a member of one race to excel over another from a lower race. Such denominations may be restricted to one particular nation only. In the face of all these denominations, Islam has introduced the universal Shari'ah which is open to anyone who upholds its creed, i.e., the Testimony of Faith that signifies: (Their is no true god except Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah), and enjoy, as a result the same rights that all other Muslims do. There is no consideration given in the Islamic Shari'ah to lineage, language, country of origin, color, or wealth.

Besides, the Islamic Shari'ah is perpetual. Its laws are not based on norms of a certain nation, or one particular age. Rather it is assigned to fulfill man's needs in every age and everywhere, for the One Who has legislated it is the One Who created man. He knows what suits man's nature best at all ages and everywhere.

The last of our supplications is: "All praise is due to the Rubb of the worlds."
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The Perpetual Universal Shari'ah
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