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 The Islamic Months

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PostSubject: The Islamic Months   Fri Nov 17, 2006 5:30 pm

The Islamic Months

Do YOU know the names of all the Months? No, Im not talking about January, April or December, I'm talking about the ISLAMIC months!

Muharram - The Sacred Month

Safar - The void Month

رَبِيع الأوَّل
Rabi al-Awwal - The First Spring

رَبِيع الثَّاني
Rabi ath-Thani - The Second Spring

جَمَاد الأوَّل
Jumad al-Ula - The First Dry Month

جَمَاد الثَّاني
Jumad ath-Thani - The Second Dry Month

Rajab - The Revered Month

Sha'ban - The Dividing Month

Ramadan - The Month of Great Heat

Shawwal - The Hunting Month

ذُو الْقِعْدَة
Dhul Qa'dah - The Resting Month

ذُو الْحِجَّة
Dhul Hijjah - The Month of Pilgrimage

Do you know what date it is today?
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The Islamic Months
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