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 Understanding the Quaran

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PostSubject: Understanding the Quaran   Sun Jan 28, 2007 12:51 pm

For those people who can read arabic but don't understand what is said in the quaran.....{the story/lesson}

There is a father and his son...the son is known for doing whatever it is that an elder tells the father tells the son that they need water and to take the pail and go to the well{very far}. But the pail has holes in it and the son tells his father that the water will spill out by the time he gets back..but the father says take the pail..then the son asks if he can take the bucket that doesn't have any holes..but the father says no take the pail..the son has no choice bt to take the pail he walks to the well and on the way back the water is spilling out as he had perdicted..and when he gets to his father..the fatehr sends him back. And the son goes back and gets water..once again all the water spills on the way..the father repeatedily tells him to go back and get water in the pail...about the 6th time the son comes back and says to the father i will not do this anymore the water is going to spill everytime..the father says"look at the pail, my son". And the father says"you have cleaned the pail..spotless" and the son is amazed at how clean it was...
The lesson of this story is that you can read the quaran over and over again and it WILL purify you....
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Understanding the Quaran
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