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 Believers and Unbelievers

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PostSubject: Believers and Unbelievers   Sat Feb 03, 2007 12:11 pm

Based on this gift that Allah has granted man; which is one of the greatest, i.e., the freedom of choice, and after subjugating for him the land, the sea, the night and the day, Allah has commanded man to worship Him alone, and has forbidden him to ascribe partners to Him, and has promised him in return great rewards for his obedience.

Among the promised rewards are the following:

1. Allowing man to benefit from the signs of Allah that are scattered throughout the universe proving the fact that Allah is the true God Who deserves to be worshipped.

2. The ability to lead a fear-free life in this world, and to render sound his state of affairs. The Prophet, peace be upon him, said: "How wonderful is the believer's state of affairs. All his affairs yield good consequences. If he encounters a pleasant situation, he would show gratitude to Allah, and this response would be good for him, and if he experiences a distressing situation, he would endure it patiently, and it would be good for him. This applies only to the believer."

The believer knows that his duty in this world is to worship only Allah. Allah, has created the jinn and man only to worship Him. Allah does not seek provisions from them, nor does he ask that they should feed Him. It is He Who is The Provider, The Most Powerful.

The believer also knows that he will finally meet his Rubb on the Day of Requital. He also knows that he came into existence by the word of Allah who created him, cherished him, and bestowed upon him His favors, the seen and the unseen thereof, and He has subjected everything for him.
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Believers and Unbelievers
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