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 An islamic perspctive on Woman's dress

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PostSubject: An islamic perspctive on Woman's dress   Sun Oct 22, 2006 10:08 pm

Muslim Woman's dress

No subject seems to receive more attention as an issue unique to Muslims than that of womenís dress. Muslims and non-Muslims alike dwell on this issue, using womenís appearances to categorize others in an effort to understand them. In some instances, the dress of the Muslim woman ends up meaning more to others than it does to the woman herself. People like non muslims may say stuff about the way a muslim woman may dress. It may be in bad ways or good ways that these non muslims consider the way us muslim sisters dress. No matter what other people say about us sisters we should not listen to them becasue what Allah has said is what matters more to us then what other people have to say. We have to dress appropriatly so that we dont have men looking at us in the inappropriate way. Islam matter more then fashion.
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An islamic perspctive on Woman's dress
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