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 Michael Jackson 'to convert to Islam'

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PostSubject: Michael Jackson 'to convert to Islam'   Tue Feb 27, 2007 6:03 pm

Michael Jackson could soon convert to Islam, according to his brother Jermaine.

Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson 'to convert to Islam'
Michael Jackson is thought to be in Bahrain at the moment

The fallen pop star, who was acquitted of child abuse charges two years ago, has been reading Islamic books and developed an interest in the faith, his brother claims.

Jermaine, 52, became a Muslim in 1989 and said he thought it "most probable" that Michael, 48, would follow him.

"When I came back from Mecca I got him a lot of books and he asked me lots of things about my religion and I told him that it's peaceful and beautiful," he told The Muslim News, a monthly British Muslim newspaper.

"He read everything and he was proud of me that I found something that would give me inner strength and peace.

"I think it is most probable that Michael will convert to Islam."

He added: "He could do so much, just like I am trying to do. Michael and I and the word of God, we could do so much."

Michael has withdrawn from the public eye since a California jury cleared him of 10 counts of child abuse against 13-year-old Gavin Arvizo two years ago, after a lurid 16-week trial.

He is believed to be staying in Bahrain as a guest of the royal family.

Jermaine, who came second in this year's controversial series of Celebrity Big Brother, shared the vocals with his more famous brother when they were in The Jackson 5.
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Michael Jackson 'to convert to Islam'
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