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 Dajjal plotted between Palestine to Kashmir make region for

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PostSubject: Dajjal plotted between Palestine to Kashmir make region for   Tue Feb 27, 2007 6:07 pm

Allah in the Holy Quran says about Jesus before death in Chapter 23: Al-Mu'minun ;

[23:51] “And We made the son of Mary and his mother a Sign, and gave them shelter on an elevated land of green valleys and springs of running water.”

As Jesus's death, like his birth, has become a subject of great controversy, and some confusion and doubt still persist as to how and where he passed the last days of his crowded life, and as the question of the manner of his death also forms a vital question with the Christian Faith, a somewhat exhaustive note on this very important, albeit baffling religious question is called for. The Quran and the Bible, reinforced by authenticated facts of history, lend powerful support to the view that Jesus did not die on the Cross. The following arguments substantiate and support this contention:

In his book "The Unknown Life of Jesus" Nicholas Notovitch, a Russian traveller, who visited the Far East in about 1877 tells us that Jesus came to Kashmir and Afghanistan. Sir Francis Younghusband, who at the time when Nicholas Notovitch visited Kashmir, was British resident at the court of the Maharaja of Kashmir, met him near the Zojila Pass. Recent research about Jesus's travels in the East lends powerful support to Notovitch's book. 'In Srinagar,' says Professor Nicholas Roerich in his book "Heart of Asia," 'we first encountered the curious legend about Christ's visit to the place. Afterwards we saw how widely spread in India, in Lddakh and in Central Asia, was the legend of the visit of Christ to those parts... All over Central Asia, in Kashmir and Laddakh and Tibet and even further north, there still exists a strong belief that Jesus or Issa traveled about there' ("Glimpses of World History" by Jawaharlal Nehru).

Some scholars have taken refuge behind some obscure passages in Notovitch's book to claim that Jesus came to East before and not after he was commissioned as a Divine Prophet. But a mere boy of 13 or 14 tears of age as Jesus is stated to have been when he came to India, he could not have conceived of undertaking so long and arduous a journey to a far-off land, and thus of exposing himself to mortal danger on the way. After all, what attraction or motives Jesus had, at such an early age, in coming over to India? And if at all he came to India at that time, what interest the peoples of India and Kashmir had in keeping a record of the activities, doings and wanderings of a boy of 13 or 14? The fact based on historical data is that after he had been rejected by the Jews and his life had become unsafe in Palestine, Jesus forsook that country to search, in fulfillment of the old biblical prophecies, for 'The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel,' and undertook the long and dangerous journey to India and Kashmir and lived an eventful life to the very ripe age of 120 (Kanz al-'Ummal, vol. 6). It is then that records came to be kept of his activities, these 'Lost Tribes of Israel' had, when the Iranians under Darius and Cyrus extended their territories further East to Afghanistan and India, these tribes migrated with them to these countries.
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Dajjal plotted between Palestine to Kashmir make region for
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