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 "Childish" Games

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PostSubject: "Childish" Games   Wed Feb 28, 2007 5:30 pm

Today in class, I was watching the teacher’s daughters as they entertained themselves while she lectured us on Arabic grammar. And in the way one loses focus and concentration, I began to notice exactly what the two girls’ “childish” games were all about. The girls, having found nothing else to do had located the teacher’s registration folder, which contained bits and pieces of paper. A4 sizes and A5, hole punched and non-hole punched. Like a cat that got the cream the girls had found something to work and play with. Their undivided attention was focused around the folder for the remainder of the lesson.

In a similar way, I began to think. Our lives are a constant whirl of events, but yet more often than not people find themselves “bored” and in need of something which gives fulfillment. Some look for this in their work and this becomes their base. Some look for fulfillment in their family and children and this forms their foundation and some look for it in religion and for them this provides contentment.

The two girls, one slightly older than the other began to pick up the pieces of paper. The older sorted them into the various sizes, whereas the younger began to scribble on them with her pencil.

Watching the two approach one thing but in their unique ways made me think how even though we may grow up in the same lifestyle/culture we still lead our own separate lives. No two twins are the same, and no human will ever and has ever been identical in their ways. We have our own methods and our own styles; we also have our own personalities.

The older girl then turned round to her younger sister, and told her sister to help her, in an effort to make sure her younger sister would assist her in the task or organizing the folders she grabbed one paper off her. The younger sister in response snatches her paper back and rebuffs the older girl.

Nothing in life is done by aggressiveness and force. Oppression will never breed genuine longing and desire of someone to change. Often in life we find we need to show someone guidance or require others to assist and follow us. Yet oppressive behavior is that which turns people away and causes them to flee.

Seeing as the younger sister was not interested, the older began to work by herself putting the papers back into order and clipping the hole-punched ones into the folder.

If no one is willing to lend a hand, remember that you have two hands of your own. If you are alive and well then there is nothing ready to stop you from working by yourself. If no one else is willing to help, remember you have the ability to make a difference all by yourself!

After a while, the younger girl got bored and began to watch the older sister go about her work. After quick contemplation, the younger sister began to assist in picking up papers and passing the hole punched papers to put into the folder.

The best method to encourage those to assist you is by setting your own example. If people see you do something good they will assist and lend you a hand or two!

Finally, the papers were arranged in a neat and tidy file in the folder, and with a sense of content the two girls shut the folder.

And lastly, with teamwork the amount of success and contentment is immeasurable. The example of the two girls is a microcosm of the way in which we must live our life. I felt that I learnt more about life in this lesson than in any other. That or I’m trying to make myself feel better about not paying attention to the class work!
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"Childish" Games
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