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 How to know if ur a good muslim sister...

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PostSubject: How to know if ur a good muslim sister...   Mon Oct 23, 2006 10:40 am

How to kno if you are a good muslim sister...

Have you ever wondered about the world, from the broadest point of view. Wondering about life itself and how to be a better muslim sister. If u r in ur teen years u have probably been tempted to listen to rumors and talk behind peoples back but u must remember that it is wrong to talk behind someone's back. if u r an older sister such as 19 you are probably thinking about how to go about getting marryied. or maybe u r around 8 years of age where u r just trying to figure out what exactly u r to do being a muslim sister. at any age you are to prove yourself to be a good muslim sister. You can prove this by....
~When someone asks you for your help, u must not deny their request
~When something good happens always remember to say thanks to Allah for this good event.
~Never cheat, lie or steal anything no metter what the circomstances.

There are many many other ways to show that you are a good muslim sister. and u will have pleanty of chances to preasent yourself as a good muslim sister down this path of life our one and only Allah has given us. Shukar Allah. thank u for readi ng my post.
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How to know if ur a good muslim sister...
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