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 Imam Sadiq stories1

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PostSubject: Imam Sadiq stories1   Mon Oct 23, 2006 8:54 pm


Two neighbors, a Muslim and a Christian, were on friendly terms. Having concern for one another they used to enquire after each other's health, and exchanged views from time to time. The Muslim being a devout and religious man spoke high of his religion and the result was that the Christian friend embraced Islam.

The night passed and it was nearing dawn. The Christian, a new convert, heard somebody ramming his door. Surprised and restless he shouted:

"Who is it?"

From the back came a loud voice, "I am so and so", introducing himself. He was the Muslim neighbor who had the honor of converting him to Islam.

"What do you want at this late hour?"

"Be quick, put on your clothes and perform ablution, so that we should go to the Mosque together".

The new Muslim performed ablution (Wazu) for the first time in his life and set out to Mosque behind his Muslim friend, They had arrived before time. It was the time for the Recommended (not obligatory) prayer after mid-night. They prayed till dawn - the time came for the Morning Prayer. They prayed the Morning Prayer and were engaged in benedictions and invocations till it became perfectly clear. When the new Muslim made a move towards the door, his friend interrupted:

"Where are you going?"

"I am going home, Since I have finished my Morning Prayer, there is nothing else to do now."

"Wait a while and recite the benedictions till the sun rises."

"Very well."

He sat and recited the same till the sun rose. When he rose up to go, his friend placed the Qur'an in his hand saying, "Read it till the sun rises a little high. And I advise you to fast today. Don't you know how much virtues and rewards there are in fasting?" The new Muslim did as he was told, and sat reciting the Qur'an till it was nearing noon. The Muslim neighbor said: "Now it is almost noon; better we perform the noon-prayer in the Mosque." So, the Zohr (noon) prayer was prayed. Then he said again: "After just a short time, the Asr (after-noon) prayer will be prayed. We should perform that also at the proper time". That prayer was also performed. Then he said, "It is almost evening now" and detained the new convert till it was time for Maghrib (evening) prayer. When he rose up to break his fast, the neighbor said, "there is one more prayer remaining. It is named "Esha" or the sleeping-time prayer." So they waited nearly one hour for the proper time of this prayer. After that the new Muslim got up and went away.

Next day at the same hour of night he again heard knockings at the door.

"Who is there?"

"I am so and so.... your neighbor. Be quick, put on your clothes and perform ablution to go to the Mosque together".

"As soon as I returned from the Mosque last night, I resigned from your religion. Please go away and find some other idle man who has nothing to do in this world, so that he may be able to spend his whole time in the mosque. I am a poor man having wife and children to feed. I should better go after my work to earn my livelihood."

Imam Jaafer Sadiq relating the story to his friends and companions, said: "In this manner a devoted man after converting a new Muslim, had himself kicked him out of Islam. You must bear this fact in mind and should not trouble the people unnecessarily. You should judge their strength and capacity and act accordingly, so that they develop affinity for the religion and do not run away from it. Don't you know that the policy of Ummayyads is based on violence, oppression and intimidation whereas our ways and methods are based on leniency, brotherhood and persuasion."


Ibne Sayyaba, a resident of Kufa, was a young man whose father had died. The tragedy of the death of his father, coupled with poverty and unemployment, was destroying the soul of the sensitive man. One day while sitting in his house, he heard a knock at the door. He was a friend of his father. After offering his condolences, he said:

"Did your father leave anything for you?"


"Then take this thousand Dirham; try to turn it into a capital, and meet your expense from its profit".

Saying these words he went away. Ibne Sayyaba, happy as he was, went to his mother and showing the money told her the story. The same day, he used the money in purchasing some merchandise and opening a shop; and set his heart to it. He made a rapid progress. Soon after he realised that not only he had met his household expenses from the profit, but also the capital had increased to a great extent. Now he thought of performing pilgrimage, and approached his mother for her advice. She said, "First you should repay the thousand Dirham which has brought such prosperity to us, and then you may go to Makkah."

He went to see the friend of his father, and placing a purse of one thousand Dirham before him, said, "Please accept your money back." The man thought that Ibne Sayyaba was returning the same money because it was not sufficient for any trade. So he said:

"If the amount is insufficient I can increase it."

"Good God, it was not insufficient. It has brought great prosperity to us and since I am now quite well off financially, I have come to repay your money, and to express my thanks to you, particularly when I have decided to go on pilgrimage.

He came to his home and packed his luggage for Makkah.

After performance of the holy Hajj, he came to Medina and went to see Imam Sadique (a.s.) along with other pilgrims. There was a huge crowd in the house of the Imam (a.s.). Being young he chose to sit at the far end of the gathering, and from there watched the people coming and going; and heard their questions and the answers given by the Imam. When the house became nearly empty, the Imam (a.s.) pointed to him and said:

Imam Sadiq said: A believer is the brother and guide of another believer. He does not betray or oppress him, nor does he ever cheat his brother. A believer never breaks his promise.

"What can I do for you?"

"I am Abdur Rehman, son of Sayyaba, of Kufa (from the tribe of Bijilly)."

"How is your father?"

"He died"

"Ah! Ah! May God have His mercy upon him. Did he leave anything for you?"

"No, he didn't"

"Then how could you perform pilgrimage?"

"After the death of my father we were in distress. On one side his death and on the other side poverty and unemployment, were crushing us extremely. Then one day a friend of my father gave me one thousand Dirham and advised me to invest the amount in business. I followed his advice and from its profit I came to perform pilgrimage".

Before he could finish his story, the Imam (a.s.) said, "Tell me what did you do about the money of your father's friend?"

I refunded the amount on the advice of my mother before coming out for Hajj".

"Very good. Do you like me to give you an advice?"

"May I be your ransom; of course"

"Be truthful and righteous. A truthful and righteous man is a partner in the wealth of others".


The pilgrims had assembled in Mina. Imam Sadiq (a.s.) and his companions sitting in a place were eating some grapes placed before them.

A beggar appeared and asked for alms. The Imam took some grapes to give him, but he refused to accept it and asked for money. Imam told him to excuse him as he did not have money. The beggar went away disappointed.

After going a few steps he had second thoughts came back and asked for the same grapes. The Imam now refused to give him those grapes too.

Soon after, another beggar appeared. The Imam again took some grapes and gave to him. He accepted it and said, "Thanks to the Lord of universe who gave me my sustenance". On hearing these words, the Imam told him to wait and gave him two handfuls of grapes.

The beggar thanked God for the second time.

The Imam again told him to wait and then turning to one of his friends and asked, "How much money is with you?" The man searched his pockets and produced nearly twenty Dirham which he gave to the beggar at he order of the Imam.

The beggar thanking God for the third time said, "Thanks are exclusive to God. O God! Thou art the Bestower of the good, and thou hast no companion." On hearing these words, the Imam took off his garment and gave it to the beggar.

Now, the beggar changed his tone and spoke a few words of thanks to the Imam himself. Then the Imam did not give anything and he went away.

His friends and companions who were present there said, "We thought that had the beggar continued thanking God in he same manner as before, the Imam would have continued giving him more and more. But when he changed his words and praised and thanked the Imam himself, the Imam did not continue his assistance."


The dependants of Imam Ja'afer Sadique (a.s.) had increased in number; so had his expenses. The Imam decided to invest some money in trade to meet the increased expenses of the house. He arranged for an amount of thousand Dinars, which he gave to his slave named 'Musadif' directing him to proceed to Egypt and to invest the amount in business on behalf of Imam.

Musadif purchased some goods usually exported to Egypt, and joined a Caravan of traders, who were taking the same type of merchandise to Egypt.

When they reached near Egypt, they met another Caravan coming out of the City. They enquired about each other's affairs. During the course of conversation, they learnt that the goods, which Musadif and his friends were carrying, were not available in Egypt and were in great demand there. They became very happy at their good fortune. Indeed that was an article of common uses and people had to buy it at all costs.

The traders on hearing the good news decided to exploit the situation. They agreed together not to sell the goods at less than hundred percent profit.

They entered the city. The situation was same, as they had been told. As previously agreed, they created a black market, and did not sell the goods at less than double the cost.

Musadif returned to Medina with a net profit of one thousand Dinars. Happy as he was he went to Imam Sadique, and placed before him two bags, each containing one thousand Dinars. The Imam asked:

"What is this?"

"One of the two bags represents the capital you gave me, and the other one (which is equal to the capital) is the profit I have made."

"Certainly the profit is unexpectedly high. Tell me how could you make so much profit?" "The fact is when we learnt near Egypt that the merchandise we were carrying had become scarce there, we agreed not to sell the goods at less than double the cost; and we did accordingly." "Glory be to God! You did such a work! You took oath to create a black market among the Muslims! You swore not to sell the goods at less than double the actual cost! No I don't want such business and such profit."

Then picking up one of the bags, he said, "This is my capital." He did not even touch the other one, and said that he did not want to have any connection with that.

Then he said:

"O Musadif! It is easier to fight with a sword than to earn the livelihood lawfully."
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Imam Sadiq stories1
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