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 Can you make the right choices

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PostSubject: Can you make the right choices   Sat Oct 28, 2006 1:20 pm

How you react to situations that are presented to you is important and may contribute to how good of a muslim sister you are.{all of these situations have happened to me, and i had a difficult time deciding what to do}. This is why i want to help anyone who may be as confused as i was when it happened to me. i hope this post helps you.


1. Your mom gives you lunch money. and it is just enough for the week. and a girl comes to you askin you for one day's worth of money. you...

a. give it to her but ask her to return the money by friday
b. tell her you can't you don't have enough money
c. ignore her, quickly change the subject, because it's her problem not yours.

2. Your mom tells you.."you aren't old enough to study the right way by yourself" so you study with her. an hour later you aren't getting anything she is saying. but you tell her you do understand so she will let you stop studing...then you get the test back and you get a D. now you know she will be mad so you...

a. you tell yourself you'll do better next time
b. tell your mom anyway because your concience won't let you sleep
c. you don't tell her and say if other kids can keep their badgrades without getting yell at then so can I.

3. Someone at school is talking behind your back and everyone is talking about you. you find out because a friend of yours tells you. now everyone is laughing at you so what do you do...

a. you tell someone a lie about her too and say fair is fair
b. you ignore it and continue being embarrased and says who cares what anyone says i don't need friends i am not going to do something wrond just because someone else does.
c. keep quiet and anyone who says anything about it, you tell them it is not true, and say if anyone's life is so pathetic that they revolve around a lie then thats their problem.

4. Your family is fighting and they won't tell you anything about it. so you are upset because they won't let you talk to your cousins. so you...

a. just give up and wait till you are allowed to
b. secretly talk to them by email, because you know there is no harm in it and its just your cousin.
c. continue to talk to your parents and tell them that the fight is between the parents so why are the children getting punish.


1. a=4 b=3 c=2
2. a=3 b=4 c=2
3. a=2 b=4 c=3
4. a=3 b=2 c=4
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Can you make the right choices
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